Little Treats

Little treats are these bite cakes ideal for parties. As an individual portion, they are very convenient for guests to grab and eat and their small sizes don’t fill the stomach too quickly so everyone gets to try several flavors.

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green tea cupcake


Caneles Berry panna cotta


Cupcakes/Mini Cupcakes

Most cupcakes commonly taste the same and can be too rich in sweetness. My desire was to create cupcakes that taste even more enticing without all the excess sugar. I came up with a unique recipe, made of a soft pound cake, coconut jello right in the center, and my signature cream that contains no butter. Imagine biting into a moist cake only to follow with a very light and delicate cream and ending with a surprising burst of juicy jello. A taste of this dessert and you will be in cupcake heaven. No one can have just one bite after a try. My bestsellers are my exotic pandan and traditional strawberry flavors. However, I can make other flavors at your request.

Price: $2.75 for standart size, $1.50 for mini size. Minimum of 12 per order.


Do you know the Madeleines, the French little cakes with the shape of a shell on the bottom and a bump on the top? It's a classic adored by French kids. I bake them with the finest ingredients and flavor them with a hint of citrus, orange or simply vanilla. They are great French treats! Upon request, I am switch for whole wheat flour or add a pinch of pandan for an Asian version.

Price: $0.75 per piece


What about Canelés? It’s a small cake from the region of Bordeaux (the famous wines) with some rum. Very addictive. Canelés are pretty tricky and take time to bake so I can’t make more than 30 for an order.

Price: $2 per piece.

Panna Cotta

My Panna Cotta is the most refreshing delight of every party. This chilled dessert is “a cool breeze in a cup”. It is made of the smoothest cream topped with an invigorating blend of fresh berries. The cream tastes like a light, silky and smooth custard. And when it is infused with a layer of fresh tangy fruit, it is a magical blend that leaves you wanting more. It is a delectable treat that tastes incredible any time of year. But in the warm heat of summer time, it is such a soothing experience that will cool your taste buds and leave you in a state of bliss.

Price: $4 per cup. Minimum of 4 per order.
Aroma, infuse, lots of love, sweet, light, melting, berries add tangy

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