Size and Price

3 boxes resizedIn town, bakeries offer many different sizes at diverse prices.  My macarons are about 1.5 inches in diameter and priced at $1.50 per macaron. I could bake bigger but I chose to stay French on this philosophy:  taste before quantity. “In a small bite, you get an explosion of flavors” said one of my clients.


Ordering 1 week in advance

3 boxes resizedUnlike most cookies or cakes, macarons taste better 48h after they are baked.  Dry tasting at first, they need a “maturation time” in the fridge to develop chewiness inside by allowing the cream to mix with the shells.  To have a nice “foot”, they require liquefied egg whites, also called “aged whites”.   For these reasons, it is not possible to order for the next day delivery.  There is at least a 5 days in advance request for ordering the macarons.

Now, if you just crave to try some samples, feel free to email me at desseire@gmail.com. If I’m already baking some macarons that week, it will be easy for me to save you some from the big batch.

Ordering from 1 to 40 dozens

3 boxes resizedThe minimum order is 1 dozen macarons. One flavor per dozen. Your order is customized to your weddings / birthdays/ anniversaries or other special events.

If you’re just craving of my macarons without being able to eat several dozen at a time, just email me. I may have some extras from current orders and may be able to give you several flavors in one dozen. Try your luck.

The maximum for one order is 500 macarons (40 dozens).

Ordering Cakes to Impress and Little Treats

French pastries usually require to rest overnight in the fridge before being baked. I also like to pick the freshest ingredients available. So please give your order as early as you can, with a minimum of 3 days.


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