Macaron Story

Macaron Origins

056Here in the USA, one often sees the words “French macarons”; however, the French didn’t invent them. This is similar to the French fries, which were also not invented by the French. Thanks for the credit though.   Macarons come from Italy; it was Queen Catherine Medici who brought them to France when she got married.  The Italian version was what we now call the macaron shells, but very crispy and crumbly compared to today.  In 1792, French nuns twisted the recipe to make the cookies crispy outside and chewy inside.  40 years later, some French had the idea to stick two cookies with some jellies.   At the end of the 19th century, the modern version of the macarons appeared with a buttercream.   The historical and prestigious Ladurée bakery added some food color to the shells to pair with the flavored cream.   The macarons you eat now have more than 100 years of history!


Desseire Houston French baking Macaron topsGluten Free

Macarons are gluten free because they contain almond flour. Nevertheless, I was told by my friend S, who has Celiac disease, that other ingredients like dairy may contain wheat, depending on the product brand. I proceeded to bake her some macarons, which she ate with no leftover, and came to the final verdict: no bad reaction. After this informal gluten sensitivity test, (thanks to my friend for taking it for the team!), I can say my macarons are really gluten-free.

Lactose-free Special Order

Per one client request, I also can make a lactose-free cream for macarons. Quite a big challenge but it’s great to make it possible for people with food allergies to enjoy the finer side of French. Yeah!


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